Click here to find out why music and singing is so good for you - it has been scientifically proven that it benefits your health! 

Sing for Pleasure offer residential singing sumer schools at Keele University - they also have a conducting training programme and a wealth of resources for new choirs, both children and adults.

HF Holidays offer a wide variety of walking, leisure and activity holidays both in the UK and abroad. They are a very friendly organisation and welcome solo travellers, couples and groups. Chris Hale is a Singing Leader for them.

Some of the photographs on this website have been taken by John Radford from Just Lovely Images. Thanks to John for his unobtrusive approach and good humour. Highly recommended. 

G & C Cabaret Duo

Chris Hale and Geraldine Luckhurst (pianist) work together as a cabaret duo. They are available for weddings, parties, lunches and fund raising events. You can find out more from their website here

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