Private Vocal Tuition

You can have a voice assessment to find out the range of your voice and make a start on some basic relaxation and breathing techniques.

If you want to take this further, some singing lessons slots are available, mostly during the daytime, but please contact Chris Hale using the contact form for up to date details of charges and availability.

You do not have to work towards singing exams but if you do we generally start with ABRSM Grade 2 or 3.

Choral Development Workshops

Dates have not yet been set for workshops in 2018 but if you wish to register your interest, these are the workshops which are usually offered. Each choir also has a development day annually.

Sight Singing for Complete Beginners - Step 1

An introduction to music theory - learn how to navigate around a piece of music, find out how rhythms are built up and work on pitching five notes only. Learn in a fun environment.

Sight Singing for Improvers - Step 2

Revise what you learn at Step 1 add a few more notes into the mix, and discover how rests and dots can make the music more exciting.

Sight Singing - Moving On - Step 3

Start to focus on different time signatures and sharps and flats - make sense of what the music is telling you to do and understand the language which tells us when to sing loud or soft, smoothly or detached.

Come and Sing Days

This is usually a Saturday workshop from 10.30 to 4pm and covers music on a theme, e.g. Sing African Jazz and Gospel, Come and Sing Folk and Country etc. If there is something you would particularly like, please ask. 

All of the above workshops are available to other choirs and groups - ask Chris for a quote for your group.

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